A new logo signature and motion language for V&A.

The V&A Houses 2.3 Million Objects That Span 5,000 Years Of Human Activity. And is the world’s leading museum of of art, design and performance.

Unifying every story.
With more and more insightful stories, films and original content being created and shared, the team at V&A needed a way to unify and codify the design and motion language.

Working with the in-house team we created a series of expressions of the iconic identity and explored ways in which this could influence – in the most discreet way – the typography, layout and motion, allowing the content to shine.

Inspired by the Immovable
Our approach was inspired by the steadfast and resolute heritage of the V&A building as an icon with the logo signature lauding the monolithic quality and status of the institution.

With the stunning new V&A Dundee also opening, it seemed fitting that the logo signature resonated with the modern, graphic, structural design of the new building.

In motion, we feel the scale, the drama as we pull back through layers of stone arcing above and inwards suggesting an infinite vault before we see the timeless V&A logo.

With audio design by Echoic, the logo signature is a graceful, elegant and confident expression.

The iconic museum and new courtyard.
Revealing layers within the logo.
Monumental scale inspired by the architecture.
Layers suggest an infinite vault full of wonder.