AC Milan embrace their brand to forge the future with “The Studios: Milan Media House”.

Our rebrand in 2019 of the iconic AC Milan set the stage for a new, entertainment led direction building the Club’s values into the heart of modern culture. With the launch of ‘The Studios: Milan Media House’, the Club amplifies its ambition.

Sempre Milan
Our rebrand of AC Milan was inspired by the illustrious heritage but focused on future glory. We designed an AC Milan for a new, diverse generation of proud Rosseneri, building a new identity based upon Milan’s core values of teamwork, excellence, passion and elegance.

We developed a new purpose – ‘Sempre Milan’ – evoking the values and reinforcing the Italian heritage. It is the unifying rallying cry for proud Rossoneri to get behind – no matter where they are in the world.

Sports Entertainment Brand.
In the last year, AC Milan has forged powerful partnerships with Roc Nation, Tik Toc, EA Sports, Puma and Fortnite. And with the Milan Media House, embraces the brand, integrating it into every aspect of the experience to make the Club a leader in international sport-entertainment.

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Our 2019 rebrand kicked off a dramatic new direction for the Club.
The Studios: Milan Media House.
The Studios: Milan Media House.