DixonBaxi goes to Copenhagen.

Our team went to Copenhagen for a weekend of culture, inspiration and good company.

There’s no better way to power creativity than by learning as far and wide as possible. There’s also no better way to put our logistical skills to the test than by booking 50 tickets on the same flight. The entire DixonBaxi team proved both claims true when we got on a plane to Copenhagen to meet with professionals from all kinds of industries and get to know their craft. 

Our first afternoon there, we took a boat tour down the iconic Nyhavn canal to see the bustle of the city up close and get to know its history. We also had the chance to explore: some visited Studio Arhoj, an interior design studio with glassblowers working just behind the legions of internationally-famous, googly-eyed ceramic ghosts on their shelves. Others stopped by HAY House, a contemporary furniture studio that aims to blend professional and personal spaces with pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful - some even got colourful new showpieces to add to their living rooms.

“A beautiful city, beautiful culture and accompanied by a beautiful team. Who could ask for more?”

- Jack Nace, design intern

Next stop: Ark, a plant-based, Green Michelin Star restaurant with a mission to celebrate sustainable cooking. Mixing techniques from the East and the West, each dish in the 9-course dinner combined flavours in ways that challenged everything we knew about food.

“A single piece of gelatinised tomato made philosophers of us all. I’d never had that much discussion about the food I was eating before.”

- Allan Yeung, junior brand writer

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was a must-go. Founded on the belief that art should be intrinsic to our lives but unpretentious, it started as a home for modern Danish art, but later became a showcase for artists from all across the globe. The museum’s modernist architecture blends into the landscape – long corridors weave through the park, with exposed brick walls and tiled corridors that ease right into the grass outside. The tall glass panels allow plenty of sunlight into every building, so wandering through the collections feels like a “covered stroll through the park”.

It was a privilege to experience the artwork. From the audacious and moving Pussy Riot exhibition to Ragnar Kjartansson’s nihilistic and cathartic collections, each artwork answered in their own ways the question of what it means to live in our modern world. The emotive power of art cannot be overstated, and as creatives, the tour gave us the confidence to create in ways that challenge, humour, and exhilarate.

“Getting the chance to see the Louisiana Museum was a highlight, with its beautiful location and such a great selection of exhibitions! More specifically, I enjoyed learning about how Northern California architecture inspired the extensions of the museum.”

- Kokie Padilla, content creator

On day two, we headed to Pluto, a female-led Michelin Guide restaurant, where head chef Sarah Luna Grønbeck spoke to us about her journey as a chef. She told us that she draws inspiration from the life experiences of everyone around her, from her team to her patrons. In fact, several dishes on the menu were created by Pluto’s interns. It was important to her to give everyone a chance, and for us, a valuable reminder to treat every idea with equal weight and respect, allowing space for new creatives to learn on the job.

“It was the best time with the best people, eating the best food.”

- Tom Pelling, senior UI designer

We felt excited and inspired by everything we saw: the city, the nature, the eclectic lives of the locals, the buildings that each told their own stories. It was a whirlwind of a weekend that reminded us of why we love our creative roles – the fun at the heart of it all.

"I don't know how we've managed to pull this off, but a team of about 50 people feels like family. It was so fun to go gallivanting about Europe together and share all these experiences we wouldn't otherwise have. You come away from it that much closer but also feeling really inspired."

- Eva Munday, senior brand writer

“Great way to start 22.”

- Prashant Adhikari, design intern (who celebrated his birthday at Pluto)

Thanks to the Ark team, the Pluto team, and the Louisiana Museum team for sharing their stories with us.