How in-house teams and design consultancies can achieve creative resonance.

In conversation with Design Week, Aporva Baxi, co-founder and ECD at DixonBaxi, explains why transparency and open communication sit at the heart of creative collaboration between in-house teams and design consultancies.

Communication starts with listening
We partner with in-house teams to deliver brand identities as insightful as they are innovative, meaning we understand how to achieve a creative rhythm that suits both our teams and theirs. From first meetings to final delivery, it’s a process that revolves around active listening.

First meetings provide a valuable opportunity to meet the teams we work with “on their home turf” and “get a sense of their world,” explains Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director Aporva Baxi. These sessions enable both teams to align on strategy, deliverables and methodology.

Communication is what follows. For the Hulu rebrand, we established multiple channels for communication between our studio and Greenhouse, Hulu’s in-house team. “We find an open, frequent level of communication is key and we use all the technology we have available to make it as seamless and proactive as possible,” says Aporva.

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