We unleash a brand’s potential by preparing it for tomorrow.

We explore and prototype groundbreaking ways to ensure a brand isn’t just surviving, but thriving in the face of future disruptions.

To stay relevant, we must embrace disruptive technologies, social responsibility, cultural and behavioural shifts, and truly collaborative, people-centric design.

SuperFutures explores, prototypes and harnesses this opportunity.
AI enhanced exploration TO Redefine Health INTO a more human-CENTRIC, simplIFIED, and personalized experience that empowers well-being.
Mixed reality to unleash new ways of expressing emotion, empowerING and captivatING our audiences.
Harnessing Augmented Reality to empower the financial journey with product and brand visualisation.

A Sonic soundscape that drives an adaptive and generative visualiser to enhance the IMAX experience at home.
Embracing the power of AI generation with a prompt engine to PROVIDE brandS WITH an unlimited image library, while FINE-TUNING generator parameters to focus output.
STYLE GENERATOR OF PURE EXPRESSION with randomised style cues that build graphic forms from chaos to clarity.
EmpowerING audiences to take control of their algorithm, creating an immersive, unique, data-driven experience based on their audiobook and podcast listening.
Escaping the paradox of choice by PLACING obsessions at the heart of the fan experience, anytime AND ANYWHERE, to turn friction into taste-led fandom.

transforming product experiences that empower users to discover and curate their own algorithms.
Augmented reality layers shape content, allowING fans to experience and share stories with anyone, anywhere.
wearable tech that uses intelligent technology to track your mood and synchronize coloUr therapy. It monitors your heart rate and tracks your activity level, PROVIDING a complete picture of your well-being.
Driving Real-World Impact Through virtual, Brand-Driven, Avatar-based personalisation for gaming with lifestyle cues.
Live crowd-sourced data to reimagine the home concert experience through immersive virtual reality connected to other fans.
uncovering unexpected partnerships to increase brand recognition.
Prototyping the future of community and place BY building spaces to cultivate a stronger social and sustainable spirit.

translating the thrill and style of motorsport into a retrofuture surreality.