Marking the future of The Grand Press with a launch event worth queuing for.

We worked with British Land to transform the Press Hall of the Printworks building in Canada Water with the launch of the brand identity for The Grand Press. The event marked the beginning of the iconic structure’s next life as a world-class workspace destination, immersing guests in The Grand Press brand with an audio-visual experience designed to excite, inspire and preserve the heritage of the building.

Emotions over statistics.

The launch was an opportunity to celebrate both the Printworks building’s legacy and the new brand in the soaring concrete depths of the Press Hall. Over 500 guests came together in one venue to journey into the brand design, witnessing the juxtaposition of the industrial space with the organic feel of the Canada Water neighbourhood.

We worked with Project Farm to curate an unexpected, full-scale experience designed to transcend the conventions of typical property events. It wasn’t simply a launch event, it was a benchmark for the way the brand will serve as an experience that sets The Grand Press apart as more than just a building. From neon lights to admission stamps, the event was also a tribute to the spirit of the cultural venue people know and love (and gave a celebratory nod to their potential reopening).

A brand film that lives beyond the screen.

We partnered with Greenaway & Greenaway to create a launch film that was immersive, poetic and nonlinear, with a bespoke soundtrack that fuses electronic and orchestral music. It was made specifically for the 12x4 ft main screen in the press hall, a format that resonates beautifully with the shape of the space itself. The sheer scale of the type, the bold, unapologetic brand colours that washed the venue in fluorescence - every part of the film was designed to be absorbed into the space and establish the building as a cultural monument.

“Seeing the identity we’ve created light up the Press Hall was surreal. It brought both the history of the space and the future of the building together in a very tangible way. You could see the printing heritage alongside the musical legacy and a very clear ambition for the future.”

- Agata Walas-Popiel, designer

Creating a bespoke immersive experience.

To amplify the industrial, repurposed essence of the brand, we created digital posters for Project Farm’s scaffolding installation. We wanted to make sure guests felt as though they could interact with the brand, so we also designed a vinyl wrap for Project Farm’s immersive photo op, which combined custom lighting and mirrors to bring participants into The Grand Press’ multifaceted narrative.

“In our industry it’s very rare to get to dictate how your brand becomes real. Your blood, sweat and tears go into creating concepts and deliverables and guidelines, but then you hand it over. From the printed and bound guidelines book all the way to tonight’s event, it’s been really rewarding to work with British Land to orchestrate the way The Grand Press brand manifests now, and the way it will continue to come to life in the future.” 

- Libby Tsoi, senior designer

We worked with both Greenaway & Greenaway and Project Farm on the overall lighting and sound system. We designed the plates for the gobo lights that projected messaging and iconography across the floor, while strip lighting all along the hall synced with key moments of the film. The bespoke audio amplified the sense of the mechanical world meeting the organic, using sounds of nature to distil the Canada Water environment into something industrial, lively and human.

Celebrating the past, present and future of a legendary space. 

There was an unmistakable air of possibility on the night. Yes, we were thrilled to be seeing, hearing and feeling The Grand Press identity in one of London’s most legendary spaces. But more than that, it underscored British Land’s ambition to retain the beloved cultural venue (subject to planning). Much like The Grand Press, the launch event centred around reworking, reimagining and repurposing the landmark building into a resource for the future. We’re proud to have created a brand that preserves its heritage for generations to come.

“It was such a dream to see the brand in the space. This is where it’s going to exist, this is how people will interact with it. And to see it getting people excited about the future of the space was a full-circle moment: that’s exactly what we built it to do.” 

- Aja Abrahams, producer 

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