New Series: The DixonBaxi Way premieres.

From London to the world and two decades of working together, DixonBaxi co-founders, Simon and Aporva reveal the creative spirit and working practices that drive the DixonBaxi team.

The DixonBaxi Way.

The new series is an honest and informal conversation between co-founders Simon and Aporva. It’s a journey that charts the early beginnings to the present day through insights, methods, anecdotes, case studies and over twenty years of learnings.

Divided into three themes – Creative Principles, Creative Process and Creative Lives, the series is an open-source creative snapshot for everyone interested in creativity and how to harness it for themselves, for brands and people all over the world.

Creative Principles reveal the values underpinning the studio – from the original list of what they would do and wouldn’t do when they started DixonBaxi to rejecting convention, always being in beta, embracing bravery and making a difference.

Creative Process digs deeper into the how and why behind the creative journey with specific learnings and insights on rewriting the brief, the power of positivity, how to listen and an anecdotal spotlight on projects for AC Milan, All 4, Five USA, Premier League and more.

Creative Lives looks at the creative journey and how to find your own path, filtering your influences and understanding that creativity is messy and full of wonder.

Each theme is divided into mini-episodes that can be watched in any order at any time. With over 90 minutes of content, the series is a valuable, inspiring resource for anyone wanting to understand how professional creativity works.