From Milan to many: branding to connect football with fans.

The European Championship has football on the minds of many, but an evolving sense of brand is bringing clubs closer to their fans every day. What do clubs stand to gain from a future-focused rebrand? Wider audiences and deeper funding.

Football has grown up
The world of sport hasn’t historically been known for advanced design systems, but that’s beginning to change. “I think what’s happened is sport and specifically football has matured very quickly,” explains Simon Dixon, Co-Founder at DixonBaxi.

We spoke with Creative Review about the bold rebrand we delivered for one of the most iconic football clubs in the world: AC Milan. The new identity honours the club’s history while situating it firmly within the culture and legacy of the city in a way that remains accessible.

Those pillars – legacy and accessibility – are embodied in the manifesto “from Milan to many.” There may be 80,000 people at any one match, but football’s renewed interest in identity is a tangible nod to hundreds of millions of football fans worldwide.

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