Pluto TV expands to France as the streaming brand goes global.

With a mission to entertain the planet, Pluto TV continues its rapid growth. Now live in France, their 25th country, and since our 2020 rebrand scaling from 18 million to over 36 million active users.

Rapid growth.
Pluto TV, the free streaming service owned by ViacomCBS Networks International, is set to launch in France on Feb. 8 as it aims to grow its presence further across Europe. With its new brand helping it stand out, it’s on an ambitious mission.

Entertaining the world.
When we began our partnership with the in-house Pluto TV teams, the mission was simple – ‘keep it weird’ and ‘let’s entertain the world’. No small task. Our journey led us to create a distinct retro-future brand that lives on the world stage – on its terms.

Fuelled by over 250+ channels curated by a highly passionate team of human editors (not algorithms) – Pluto TV has scaled from 18 million active users to over 36 million across 24 countries in less 12 months since the new brand launched. Mission accomplished.

Pluto TV continues its rapid growth with launches planned in Italy and beyond. And if you’re wondering whether you should try it… Drop in. It’s free.

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Our rebrand of Pluto TV transformed the experience.
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