Our team went to the Saatchi Gallery to see the BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON exhibition and find inspiration in graffiti and street artists who have defined an art movement around the world.

To make excellent work, you have to learn from excellent creatives. That’s why our team went to BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON at the Saatchi Gallery, curated by graffiti historian Roger Gastman, to take inspiration from art in all forms: street art, fashion, film, music, documentary, and more.

Bringing together the works of more than 100 artists worldwide, the exhibition covers the evolution of punk and hip-hop movements, from dumpsters reimagined as psychedelic caverns to miniature graffiti trains that stand as emblems of protest against modern surveillance. Each chapter of the exhibition tells a story of art as a form of social expression, rebellion, and invention. 

“The exhibition challenged me to think beyond my norm. I feel inspired to get all my ideas down on paper, especially the rough and unbridled ones, to capture that energy of spontaneous sensory explosion.”

- Tom Hadaway, brand designer

Resisting complacency.

It is far too easy for creatives to get stuck in familiar rhythms. Once we find designs that work and designs that don’t, it’s easy to stick with what we know. That’s why we have to actively fight complacency and search for new styles, new angles, new modes of expression. Defiance, dynamism, and wild wit - these are all ideas that the artwork, and by extension the cultural movements they represent, embody well.

“It was super inspiring. It made me want to go home and paint all my walls.”

- Sarah Reid, talent and studio manager

Beyond the filler.

Each piece of artwork invented its own world - a crime scene built out of Lego blocks, or a workshop of animatronic Muppets - and each one felt like an immediate, intimate snapshot of a much wider story. It’s not easy cutting all the fluff out of a design, but when you can do that, you’re able to get a story across without wasting any time on filler, and cut into the heart of your message right away.

“The artworks felt like they were alive and had something important to say. It’s a good reminder that art has the power to change the status quo, if the artist dares.”

- Allan Yeung, junior brand writer

Keeping creativity alive.

We came away from the experience feeling more invigorated to do good work. For our creatives, who always try to start at uncomfortable and work their way towards the perfect idea, this exhibition was the stuff of dreams.

“I loved the exhibition, especially the artwork that felt scribbly but exploded with personality. They showed me how expressive designs can be if we push them.”

- Jas Welsh, brand designer