A warm welcome to OFFF TLV.

OFFF festival is born from a passion for creativity and an open invitation that brings the community together. Sharing ideas, inspiration, positivity and energy.

Our creative journey.

Tel Aviv welcomed us with its vibrant energy, culture, food and architecture. Thank you OFFF TVL, Nitsan Rozenberg, Pep Salazar, Liri Argov for hosting us and inviting us to share our ethos and approach. And to the other wonderful speakers and, of course, the audience for their energy and warmth.

A shout out to meeting up with new friends and old. Talia Cotton, Gabor Schreier, Rafa Roses Ferrater, Mitch Monson, Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg, Burton Rast, Marti Romances, PJ Richardson et al.

Photos by: Chris Milne

OFFF TVL took place at stunning Museum of Art in Tel Aviv.
From Milan to many for AC Milan.
The energy from the audience was electric.
Starting at uncomfortable with Eurosport.
From uncomfortable to just right.