DixonBaxi partners with WWE to reimagine their streaming platform for the next generation.

Working closely with the WWE Network in-house teams over six months, we developed a UI framework and design system that becomes one destination to the iconic, legendary, action-packed entertainment loved by fans and those new to the WWE universe.

WWE Network 2.0 – a sleek, fan-first destination for everything WWE.

Sports entertainment behemoth WWE has unveiled WWE Network 2.0, a rebuilt streaming service which attracts over 2 million subscribers and immerses fans in the vast WWE universe.

DixonBaxi worked closely with WWE to understand how content was curated, shared and experienced on the platform. These insights led to rapid phases of design, development and prototyping. The result is a unified design language that focusses on getting fans closer to the action.

“We created an adaptive, immersive design system which allows fans to stream an ever-expanding library of star-studded, action-packed shows, from classic showdowns to the latest live events, in a sleek and accessible way.”