Better days are coming if we’re ready to meet the challenge.

As 2021 gathers pace we wanted to take stock. To consider what may be next for us and the industry as we continue through uncharted territory. We’ve been talking to Creative Leaders to see if they share our optimism that we can all learn a lot from recent times. That we can be far more ambitious and actively change things to make our industry, and the world at large, a better place.

We found it a highly positive conversation. One that is candid, compassionate and driven by a desire to help others as much as ourselves.We’re also heartened by an energy that is gathering to tackle the change that is needed head-on. A desire to take advantage of the opportunity. We’ve pulled out several developing themes, and we’ll expand on them over the next couple of weeks.

Reframing the conversation to find new approaches.
One of the most prominent themes focuses on how we work, our behaviour and a clear opportunity to create a more dynamic and honest approach. Collaborative, more aware and looking at the value of what we do.

Creating space for optimism and empowerment.
There is an undercurrent of optimism fuelling a more inclusive and positive drive to empower people. One that cultivates magic and joy as we harness the power of creativity.

Redesigning tomorrow on our terms.
Going against the grain and adopting unconventional methods, we are unleashing a new breed of design. Redesigning how we work both individually and together to create meaningful impact.

Reigniting the spark with a human touch.
The desire for a more human approach to promote togetherness and a shared spirit. Enhanced by powerful technology but focused on humanising those experiences and their outcomes.

Being accountable in a post-purpose society.
The shared responsibility to use our skills to make solid, actionable progress with the more significant problems that dominate our horizons. Creatives can raise our ambitions and inspire us change the world.