DixonBaxi brings the power and precision of sports to Viaplay.

NENT Group is the Nordic’s leading entertainment provider. As owners of top tier sports rights, such as Formula One, Premier League, NFL, PGA European Tour and NHL as well as regional favourites like Handball, they needed a distinct way to bring every sport together as one brand experience.

With the franchises and competitions originally handled by individual territory broadcasters. Our challenge – in close partnership with the in-house teams – was to unify a wealth of varied sports under one united brand, delivered through their streaming service Viaplay.

Monochromatic imagery captures the raw beauty of sport.
A refined, sleek system unites every sport.

Injecting power and precision into the Viaplay brand.

The Viaplay identity was well established in the region, so we refined and enhanced the key brand elements to achieve a more energised, sport appropriate brand expression.

A distinct colour was carried through, along with a directional motion theory. We extrapolated this out to create motivating pattern-based gestures that are rooted in the dynamics of sport. This is accompanied by an elegant and minimal graphics system and typographic treatment.

A confident, precise design system.

A suite of iconic title sequences captures the drama of every sport.

In order to establish brand continuity over a wide range of sports franchises, we shot, edited and post-produced 10 discipline-specific titles.  Designed to be used in conjunction with supplied action edits, the bespoke sequences deliver a gritty and visceral top-and-tail that seamlessly joins Viaplay’s attitude with top-tier sports rights.

Live graphics let the action take centre stage.

The entire live graphics kit – built to be executed across a range of live rendering systems – is slick, no-nonsense and lets the action take centre stage. We pared back the impact to a deft flourish of movement and super-crisp palette. This lets the sports and communication co-exist without compromising the viewing experience.

Refined and discreet sports graphics.

The Matchclock. Re-imagined and consistent for every sport.

Central to the live match experience is a totally new way of displaying match stats on-the-fly. The clock is based on a circular face and displays elapsed time in an intuitive segmented 360-degree gesture. A modular approach has enabled us to effortlessly re-work for any sport: everything from MMA to basketball; from 12 rounds to two halves can be covered off with ease.

The reimagined sports clock works for every sport.