What really matters most as we move forward? We ask creative leaders for their insight.

We’ve been talking to Creative Leaders across our industry and beyond. We’re interested in what will happen next as we collectively move into a new phase. What have we learnt, and what do we value the most?

It has been a hugely positive conversation driven by a strong sense of looking after people, genuine humility and the ways to make that happen. A highly creative spark also inspires it, and a desire to take advantage of this moment and accelerate the opportunities to improve how we work.

We’ve pulled out a set of themes that resonate with us. Ones that we’re using to inspire how we look at the growth of our creative output and the way we build our company. But also as an insight into how businesses are proactively thinking about what’s next.

Learning what truly matters.
Identifying your values, the values of your community and your organisation. Through a combination of instinct and reflection, we will decide what’s worth bringing forward into the ‘new normal’ and what should be left behind.

Sensitivity, empathy and transparency.
Finding the right tone and approach to be there for people. Whether it is an internal team, partners and collaborators, your audience and beyond, communication has to be authentic to connect genuinely.

The group over the individual.
We need to be around people to make good work as well as support our team, partners, suppliers and agency culture. The value of a healthy support system and sharing insights has never been clearer.

Realising and facilitating ingenuity.
Through being challenged, we can think bigger and be more creative than ever. We need to develop new methods to expand these ideas and allow space for new ways of thinking.

Maintaining the acceleration.
Digital culture has leapt years in progress over the last two months. This time can be used to plan and lay strong foundations for new and efficient practises while considering how the new appreciation of ‘real’ activities will affect the advancements made.

Leaders thrive with the uncomfortable.
With rapidly changing behaviours and expectation, leadership will be evaluated. To succeed, leaders will need to be comfortable with constant change and quickly adapt. A well-supported team, a clear set of core principles and excellent communication are vital, as well as allowing yourself to take a pause during the ups and downs.

We’ll be developing further themes as the conversation continues and will post a follow-up article next week.