Are we ready for the next phase?

Are we ready for the next phase? We’re asking creative leaders what they think.

When there is a large systemic shift in our industry there is a natural tendency to retreat and focus on the more critical parts of our businesses. This is logical. However, there is a danger of short-term bias gripping the creative process too long.It can affect our ability to be ready for when things improve. Worse, it can hinder us in that recovery. We feel this offers us all an opportunity to parallel a second and far bolder outlook. One focused on building ways of working that are fit for the shifts that determine new audience needs and ways of engaging people.

It is crucial to invest in this opportunity.

Develop a creative strategy that reboots how you serve your audience. A simplified, playbook for your brand or company. One that is adaptive and self-determined. Informed by a fresh set of cultural and attitude shifts.

Driven by optimistic leadership.

We are asking the thoughts of a wide range of creative leaders and will be developing a short series of posts about how they react to seismic change, develop new perspectives and navigate their way towards a positive and self-determined future.Already, a set of insightful themes are developing. Rewriting the playbook, a stronger focus on people, unexpected opportunities, refocusing on what has value and being bolder in your outlook.We will post new pieces over the coming weeks.