What does being creatively brave mean to you?

Be Brave is a mantra that has always been part of our operating principles. But it is nuanced, has different meanings in different contexts and is textured and fluid as an idea. And so to open the debate, we asked the question of what it means to you, – here are some of the inspirational replies.

A few months back we asked a lot of you on Instagram a question – ‘What does being creatively brave mean to you?’. It's a question that we've continually debated the answer to and it’s many things depending on your perspective. What is exciting is that the responses we received are diverse, personal, motivational and inspiring. They are from creatives all over the world, and we've pulled many of them together here in one place to share. As a collection, they provide an insight into the minds of creatives, what drives them and how they motivate their own creative bravery and find ways to disrupt and inspire themselves. By curating this selection, we hope that they provide some creative positivity, a mental boost, a gentle reminder or a new way of looking at things. For us, it’s created a mutual connection and helps us feel excited by the passion and energy being expressed. Above all, thanks to all that considered the question and provided such thoughtful, pithy, bold answers. Their Instagram handles are below the quote, so do take the time to check them out and broaden your creative community.

“Not following the easy solution and work hard to get to the right idea.” – [noem9studio]

“Saying no, when everyone else is saying yes.” – [thundrflash]

“Not being afraid to ask why.” – [fiyin.gambo]