Bringing financial freedom to the unbanked of the Philippines.

We partnered with Tyme Bank to launch GoTyme, a new digital bank in the Philippines. We created a brand and digital experience with an authentic and empathetic perspective on the banking industry; a familiar voice in a world full of ones and zeros.

Understanding banking
in the Philippines.

The financial power imbalance in the Filipino market drastically favours banks. Real and perceived barriers to entry lead many of the unbanked to feel that financial freedom is unattainable.

“I want to make sure I have a stable and upwards trajectory in my career.”

“I want to provide for my family and our day-to-day needs.”

“It would be good to have easy
access to my bank.”

We saw the opportunity to create a customer-centric banking experience. One that empowered users, helping them do exactly what they want with their money. A service that values people over their account balance.

Potential Unlocked: banking with transparency and empathy.

We developed a set of creative principles to ensure the design and digital identity build access and understanding into every application. The result is a surprisingly human feel to a fearlessly future-focused take on banking. Potential Unlocked is the idea at the core of the system–a mission to reinvent banking and help people unlock their financial futures.

Small actions. Big results.

The brand’s visual language puts money in motion, illustrating the fact that GoTyme is here to help users unlock their potential by breaking big goals down into manageable steps. From additive motion behaviours to the tagline “It all adds up”, the brand communicates the power of small actions over time.

Your Steps
Your Potential

Forging the future of banking, together.

We worked closely with the Tyme Bank team, using creative shares and workshops to make sure the brand reinforced our strategic approach and would resonate with its Filipino audience. Internal design workshops throughout the project gave us space to reimagine familiar banking behaviours and develop unexpected, effective solutions.

Start at uncomfortable.

We start our creative journey at uncomfortable, to invent the new, to find the edges. The process will get us to just right. If we start at safe, it could take us to boring. And who wants their brand to be boring?

Prototyping and testing.

By building working prototypes, we were able to test how design decisions would facilitate the overall experience. As we developed the UI, we conducted usability testing to make sure the experience was intuitive and effective.

Round 1 - Low fidelity prototype

Round 2 - Brand colour application

Round 3 - UI development

Final product design

Powerful experiences that empower and educate.

The final experience puts financial control in the hands of the customer. From getting an account and card within five minutes, to setting up savings pots, we built access, understanding and empowerment into every moment.

Moments of delight and achievement.

Intuitive and full of wonder.

Each product interaction sparks delight, with motion behaviours that celebrate every success. The motion system and component library use the shapes of a debit card and a coin to create stunning patterns, with varied transparency and layering suggesting accumulation and momentum.

Delivering real world honesty.

The new tone of voice is human first and bank second, delivering information in a clear and positive way. It’s genuinely optimistic with a touch of local familiarity, standing out in a traditionally impersonal sector. The voice facilitates an open, transparent and honest financial perspective that helps make the product accessible to everyone.

Creating a better future for all.

The system sets the tone for a new kind of financial future, shaping a better way forward for us all. GoTyme's brand is equal parts innovation and human understanding, confidently building on the now to bring you what's next.

Digitally futureproofed.

We believe in giving our clients the tools they need to realise the vision we’ve created together. So we built a digitally-hosted brand platform and component library to house the GoTyme brand. Rather than a strict set of rules, the guidelines are meant to inspire the GoTyme business, their partners and the press with the story behind the brand, and empower future creatives with the resources they’ll need to create effective, on-brand assets.