Hi, we’re Tubi.

We’re here to bring people
what they really want.
To help classics become cult again.
To introduce Harry to much more than Sally.
To bring new worlds to everyone.

We’re on the bleeding edge.
Of culture.
Of your tastes.
We’re obsessed with super-serving fans
and casual viewers alike.
We’re obsessed with making
entertainment entertaining again.
We’re for the righteously ratchet,
The crazy romantics,
The vampire groupies.

We’re for the get-in-the-mood-to-cook watchers,
The I-don’t-know-what-to-watch searchers,
The oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-that-existed lovers.

So come with us.
Down the rabbit hole and beyond expected.
Beyond content,
Beyond screens,
Beyond the grid,
Beyond streaming.

Your taste,
your terms,
your Tubi.

A new generation of digitally-native Americans want to embrace their obsessions (lifelong or fleeting) in their own way. Free from cable contracts and limited content libraries of the big streamers.

Tubi’s new brand identity embraces the unique content journeys its users are known for going down – the ‘rabbit holes’ of interest that everyone can fall into whilst exploring over 240,000 movies and TV shows.

Introducing your
new obsession.

A distinctive logo animation and jingle were good opportunities to help the brand become more memorable. We wanted to unshackle the brand from the usual tropes of the entertainment space. No dark, cinematic spaces here, thank you very much!

An irreverent, quirky voice only Tubi can have.

The ‘quirky’ personality from Tubi’s recent campaigns became an anchor point for defining the refreshing peculiarity unique to this brand’s tone of voice. Tubi’s voice is experimental, pithy and offbeat, but never complicated. It befriends and entertains the viewer at every step of the brand experience. From functional copy to billboard slogans, the tone of voice is always unabashedly amped and relatable, so that viewers genuinely want to stick around and talk to Tubi.

Weeeehooooo!!!! Feels like the night before Christmas. DB thank you for helping us capture the essence of our brand and looking forward to Tubi’s new chapter tomorrow!”
Nicole Parlapiano, CMO, Tubi

Oddness baked into a custom-crafted
Tubi Stans.

Working with Mark Butchko from Central Type, a Chicago type foundry, we tailored a confident typeface, Tubi Stans, to match the irreverent tone of voice that sets Tubi apart from competitors, with the name itself paying homage to the superfan culture that the brand embodies. Sprinkled across the typography, flipped glyphs and characters that subtly bend into the iconic Rabbit Hole shape help to convey playful oddity at every level of messaging.

Drawing fans into Tubi.

High-contrast and saturated illustrations splash across the brand to explain product features with warmth and wit, making sure that even the smallest of moments have the power to constantly excite. Created in collaboration with illustrator Andela Jankovic, these striking graphic drawings use exaggerated perspectives and larger-than-life colours to depict Tubi embedded into the lives of its vibrant fans.