Transforming Storey for British Land: Shaping the Future of Work.

Storey’s refreshed brand identity underscores flexibility and empowerment. The new logo, with its overlapping tangrams, represents the diverse businesses within Storey, symbolising growth and evolution. This refined design system embodies the brand’s commitment to adaptable and personalised workspaces with every interaction feeling consistent, thoughtful, and premium.

Empowering businesses with elegant simplicity

Storey's brand refresh prioritizes a straightforward, effortless customer experience. The brand's tangrams create a flexible system, symbolizing how businesses can make Storey spaces their own. These geometric shapes are used selectively to frame people and hero images, maintaining a balance between graphical elements and authentic imagery, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

DixonBaxi’s creative vision has brilliantly captured the essence of our flexible workspaces, creating an identity that resonates with our diverse business community.”

Emma Collings, Head of Marketing, British Land

A harmonised ecosystem of workspaces.

From brochures to digital platforms, Storey's brand refresh ensures a seamless experience. Marketing materials such as brochures, floor plans, and presentations are meticulously designed to reflect the brand’s core values of flexibility and simplicity. This consistent approach reinforces Storey's identity across all customer touchpoints.

Inviting, warm and speaking with clarity and modernity

Inspired by its surroundings, Storey’s color palette is both warm and inviting. The primary colors like Wood, Marble, and Forest are complemented by secondary hues for infographics and floor plans, offering a mature yet vibrant visual identity that aligns with the brand’s premium positioning.

Thoughtful, premium and created to allow businesses to flourish.

The Storey refresh is more than a visual overhaul; it’s a strategic alignment of all brand elements to create a cohesive ecosystem. By integrating elegant design, a warm colour palette, and a conversational tone, Storey positions itself as the workspace of choice for businesses seeking flexibility and sophistication. This holistic approach ensures that every interaction with the brand feels consistent, thoughtful, and premium.