A pioneering place where people and planet thrive.

Working in close partnership with British Land, we’ve created a new brand identity for Regent’s Place, a pioneering destination in the centre of London with a deep sense of responsible urbanism. Through sustainable architecture, thoughtful green spaces, and deep community connections, it’s a place where big ideas take shape and bright futures shine.

A journey for change.

To define the authentic spirit of Regent’s Place, we embarked on a 10-week insight journey. We engaged over 40 people across the business and collated inputs from London’s Knowledge Quarter, key industry and local community leaders. We positioned Regent’s Place as a pioneering destination where people and planet rise. A big ambition that lays the foundation for the next decade as the neighbourhood evolves and changes to reflect this human-centred mission.

An identity at the heart of three districts.

The identity reflects the unique advantages of Regent’s Place by highlighting its location at the intersection of three iconic districts: the Knowledge Quarter, Camden, and the West End. A compelling mix that brings together arts and science, research and creativity. The three districts combine to make the ‘R’ symbol, which is used as a window to Regent’s Place and the community. Designed to be transparent and almost disappear.

A canvas for
the community.

The symbol, which is supported by a beautifully crafted wordmark, plays a central role in the identity and is consistently used to express the brand’s ethos. It allows the framing of different perspectives and provides a canvas for the community’s vision and creativity. Each application becomes a space to tell a story.

A brand exuding radical softness.

The natural environment influences every aspect of design and behaviour. Softness is used with confidence: organic lines and natural colours allow for a more calming experience. Clarity is created through creating an editorial visual language which is carefully considered on digital experiences and printed surfaces such as hoardings and signage systems.

Re-use, reduce, recycle.

By putting human and environmental needs first, the brand shifts away from conventional brand applications. All choices promote ecological integrity, engagement, and inclusive participation. The rollout of the brand re-uses, recycles and reduces material where possible. When not possible, sustainable, pioneering technology and materials have been opted for.

Regent’s Place has a strong history of inclusivity and community focus. Now, together with DixonBaxi, we have used this base to develop an exciting new brand that truly embraces an environmentally and socially conscious future for all.”

Katie Mansfield, Marketing Director, British Land