Who the hell is

Who the hell is Guillaume Mouillé?

Brave brands change the world. We help create them. Which means working alongside the most inspiring clients on the planet. Each project is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new industry and begin to reimagine it alongside the people who know it best. We were lucky enough to speak with Guillaume, Senior Creative Director at Warner Bros Discovery Sport about design and the secret to great creative partnerships.

What’s your story? (Who are you and what do you do)
I’m Guillaume, Senior Creative Director at Warner Bros Discovery Sport, leading the Paris-based Creative Services that produce marketing campaigns and branding projects. As a creative leader, I try to nurture an engaging and supportive atmosphere where curiosity, honesty, and playfulness are championed to lead unique, innovative ideas.  As a radio host, I like to explore the fringes of adventurous music that push the boundaries of convention. Behind a screen or behind the decks, I try to build an emotional resonance.

Do you think design can change the world?
As a music lover, design definitely changed my world when, as a teenager, I started being exposed to truly evocative album artwork and record sleeve designs. More globally, design can help people make sense of the world. It can influence our perspectives and behaviours.

“Good design is meaningful. Design that expands the imagination and transcends platforms.”

What is the most important thing in a creative partnership?
Trust and mutual inspiration are obviously key (along with a good brief…)

Why is collaboration important?
Collaborating is welcoming and celebrating a diversity of backgrounds and opinions, enriching dialogues to enable significant ideas. And above all, happiness is only real when shared.

What inspires you?
You can find inspiration in pretty much everything (if not you’re probably in the wrong industry).

What does creativity look like in your industry?
Sport is an endless, fertile playground for creativity, where looking for authentic, engaging stories and uprooting clichés is fun but challenging as sporting events and competitions repeat year after year. With words, design, and music, the idea is to connect emotionally with our audiences, to inspire and entertain.

What is good design?
Good design is meaningful. Design that expands the imagination and transcends platforms (linear, social, digital, print). Good design is driven by words first. Good design is simple. Good design has an attitude. Good design can trigger change.

What do you hope to see in the future of your industry?
Stories that are told from new and fresh perspectives because, on the fringes, you get glimpses of what the future could look like because outsiders can also unlock the power of sport.