Visiting the past to design the future.

To define the future of innovation, we have to look at the past. So to kick off our Super Futures project, we went to the home of British and global inventions throughout history: the Science Museum.

We’re reimagining the future. Yes, that could mean flying cars and mindreading machines, or time machines and teleportation tubes. It could mean anything. To constantly renew the way we think about our work and keep our excitement alive, we’re challenging ourselves to outdo our own creativity, and explore ideas for the sake of innovation. We’re calling this mindset Super Futures – and we’re using this approach to build Intelligent Identities that equip brands for any kind of future.

There’s no better place to explore the possibilities of the future than the home of scientific discoveries over centuries, so that’s where we went. Arriving at the Science Museum lobby on a Friday morning, we split into groups to roam the exhibitions and gather ideas for the briefs we’d been given: the future of beyond humans; the future of not being bored; the future of getting places; the future of feeling good; the future of sound; the future of things to wear; the future of a man with a camera (shoutout to our content creator, Kokie!).

Needless to say, we mashed buttons, took photos, dodged energetic toddlers, and came up with some pretty fresh ideas.

After a full day of exploring, we came together again to spill our thoughts over lunch. We put everything on the table, from futuristic mood rings that interpret your stress levels through your pulse to nanotech jackets that protect you from any kind of weather by syncing up to an AR database. Then we pitched our ideas to each other in a Dragons’-Den-esque session.

One company-wide outing later, we’re feeling inspired to push the boundaries of our thinking and test our ideas until they break, and then test them some more. Because Super Futures isn’t about coming up with neatly packaged solutions; it’s about doing everything we can’t do on our usual projects, and unleashing the true potential of our creativity in a setting where there’s no such thing as ‘wrong’.

“Seeing the way every team had their own unique spin on the brief was eye-opening. It’s great to see what kind of ideas come to life when there’s no limit to how you’re supposed to think. I’m going to run off with all the ideas to Alan Sugar now and make a fortune.”

- Harry Ead, Creative Director

“There was something almost poetic about the way my team was assigned ‘The Future of Feeling Good’, and we all unanimously decided to make a beeline for the Medicine Gallery.”

- Allan Yeung, Junior Brand Writer