OFFF, DixonBaxi and Barcelona.

The entire DixonBaxi team head to Barcelona for the OFFF festival, where Simon and Aporva take the stage.

OFFF Barcelona is the largest showcase and festival of contemporary creativity, art and digital design. The conference took place at the iconic Disseny Hub with over 4,000 in attendance and a stellar speaker lineup including Paula Scher, Porto Rocha, GMUNK, David Carson, Territory Studio and more.

As an entire DixonBaxi team getaway, we headed to Barcelona for a weekend of creativity and culture. A chance to spend time together, soak up new ideas and perspectives, eat together and have a good time.

Simon and Aporva opened the last day with a talk that began with a snapshot of the beginnings of DixonBaxi and the list that helped define our values and formative projects for MTV2, Formula 1 and Five USA before taking a deeper look at the studio culture and diversity of voices. The second half of the talk focused on the fundamental principles that drive what we do – starting at uncomfortable, designing with optimism and the conviction that brands must reinvent or die – showing work from Eurosport, AC Milan, Hulu, never-before-seen projects for KOKO and more.

What a rush! The energy in the auditorium was palpable, with 1500 in the crowd. And to have the DB team in the audience sending good vibes was a moment to treasure.

Meeting friends old and new, being surrounded by creatives from all over the world, and being in a vibrant city was the tonic we all needed.

Thanks to Hector Ayuso and his OFFF team for looking after us.