DixonBaxi welcomes 3 junior brand designers from the intern academy.

Jack Nace, Prashant Adhikari, and Berenice Lunn have gone above and beyond in their internships at DixonBaxi, showcasing excellence in their creative journeys. They reflect on their time here, and what’s in store for them as they grow into their roles as junior brand designers.

We’ve always taken pride in the young talent who have flourished through our intern academy, with one third of our team having come through from the academy. Now, we’re delighted to celebrate the massive successes of our latest cohort, who have each blown us away with their creativity, innovation, and passion for learning, and have earned their places as full-time junior brand designers in the studio.

We sat down with Jack, Prashant and Berenice to reflect on their growth at DB so far.

What did you learn during your internship?

Jack: My biggest takeaway from the intern academy is learning the art of storytelling. Understanding that everything has a flow and purpose, and the way you present something can be used to alter perspectives. This really comes to light when you start on a new project - it's never the same process as the previous one and it really makes you question what makes it bespoke.

Prashant: Something I had to rigorously train during my internship was critical thinking. I started to question my decisions a lot more, not in a negative way. Before, I would do things without clear reason, but being at DB and talking with the amazing people around me has made me realise that I need to dig deeper and interrogate the ‘why’s of what I do.

Berenice: Where to even start? My time as an intern at DB has taught me so much as a designer emerging into the industry. Presenting in front of the entire studio during my second week as part of my ‘Who the hell is’ was incredibly daunting at the time, but I am so grateful to have had that opportunity. Not only was it a great exercise in building my confidence in public speaking, but it served as a very heartfelt introduction and prompted so many conversations that allowed me to get to know the people at DB on a deeper level.

The support from everyone at all levels made asking questions and reaching out for advice feel so easy, and has played a massive role in my ability to flourish both as an individual and a creative. The internship has opened my eyes to the joy and privilege it is to love going to work and feeling part of a community of people who care and look out for one another.

Something else I learnt during my internship was the importance of transcending the digital realm and seeing your work outside of the screen. The encouragement from the team to print out what I’ve been working on and see it from a distance, has in many instances, helped me progress my ideas with more clarity. At smaller scales too, when working on editorial spreads for example, printing drafts has allowed me to rethink order and pace in a way that is much more tactile and is something I have now adopted as a key part of my creative process.

What excites you about the future?

Jack: Learning from others in my future collaborations excites me. Everyone is so unique and has their own likes, dislikes, neat tricks and perspectives that I find so fascinating. Collaborating with many designers, motion designers, strategists, copywriters and producers regularly is an incredible privilege that truly broadens my approach to ideating and tackling problems.

Prashant: I'm most excited about experimenting as a designer. During my internship, I was a sponge, soaking up as much knowledge as I could from those around me. Every time I was in a guidelines review session or a client presentation I always left the room feeling inspired to think from a new angle.

I look forward to developing new and maybe unexpected skills with the SuperFutures briefs. It’ll encourage me to create things without limitation and I believe this will accelerate my growth as a creative.

Berenice: Seeing projects that I’ve been a part of exist in the real world is something that I know will continue to excite me throughout my career as a designer. Witnessing a wide audience consume, connect with and commentate on a body of work I helped shape is a main driver in why I love what I do.

The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of design and technology today presents a vast landscape for creative exploration and growth. The possibilities of the future keeps me hungry for new creative challenges.

Any anecdotes you want to share?

Jack: I don't have many funny stories other than me joining the DB football team, getting absolutely battered in my first game (probably due to how unfit I was starting football again) and then after a few matches scoring an own goal. I guess it's funny how tragic that is. Sorry team, haha.

Prashant: I’ve changed the way I eat cereal. I was always a milk-first guy because I'd sometimes run out of milk and there I was eating cereal with a drop of milk. Now I have reached a point of evolution where cereal goes in first… ‘cause there is always milk in the DB fridge.

Berenice: In my first week of interning at DB, I did 3D scans of the team. It was quite an interesting icebreaker and the results were hilariously questionable. I’m sure it probably still haunts Maria.