Diving into the Huluverse with Twenty Thousand Hertz.

Dan Capstick (Head of Creative at DixonBaxi), Matt Wilcock (Co-owner and Creative Director at Zelig Sound) and Reid Thompson (VP Head of Creative at Hulu) go behind the sonic identity for Hulu with Twenty Thousand Hertz’s Dallas Taylor.  

Streaming is synonymous with sound. Every streaming service has a mnemonic, or a sonic logo, that plunges viewers into the world of their respective platforms; an audial cue that transforms all that an entertainment brand stands for, into a quick burst of sound. 

“Sonic logos have really rocketed in use over the last decade or so as streaming platforms have really taken ahold and changed the way people view TV and film and content on their tellies.”

- Dan Capstick, Head of Creative 

And behind every 2-second audio signature is a story. Dan joined Zelig Sound’s Matthew Wilcock and Hulu’s Reid Thompson on the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast to deep dive into the creative process behind Hulu’s sonic logo. From Hulu’s sonic branding history to AI testing and alternate versions that didn’t make the cut, Dan, Matt, Reid and Dallas talk listeners through the evolution of Hulu’s sonic identity. 

Check it out:

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