Better days are coming if we harness the power of creativity.

We conclude our conversations with Creative Leaders across the industry. What’s next? What do they care about? What should we do with the opportunities ahead?

There is a prevailing sense that we need to fan the flames of our creative output. To better motivate and achieve positive change. The more we inspire each other to act, create and change, the closer we move to a tipping point. One where we can collectively improve the next phase of our industry.

What will be different?
Filtering out the unnecessary, retooling outdated mindsets and an upswing in learning are fuelling a far more open approach to the year.

Our destiny is still in our hands.
Despite apparent difficulties and in most cases constraints, there is a firm hand on the tiller. A highly motivated and unselfish desire to take charge of our responsibilities and stand up to be counted.

Creativity fires the engine of change.
Embracing change and anticipating the unexpected is helping to refocus our creative approach. To better reinvent or create a new way forward.

People. Work. Output. In that order.
The team drives everything. They are the root of the companies we run and work for. However, broader social awareness and more compassion for others are translating into a more human outlook.

Positivity drives us, but better decisions define success.
The need to be optimistic is clear. However, using that positivity to make better, more defined decisions is removing barriers.

Opening up further to diverse perspectives.
Being receptive to more stories, ideas and experiences beyond our usual influences is empowering better learning. The result is more significant thinking around our effect on others and a more generous, open leadership.

Create. Create. Create.
If we do anything, it should be tangible. The action of making, experimenting and building new ways of working or types of output is vital to any success. Trust the process. Trust the desire to create.