Behind the design: Samsung TV Plus.

Early sketches and motion tests for Samsung TV Plus began as an exploration of ‘extraordinary every day’. Taking simple forms and translating them into effortless and playful moments. The monochromatic studies focus on motion intent, interaction, feeling over aesthetics, and how we could bring delight to small actions as much as expressive statements.

This led to the ‘Cascade’ design system, many further studies, evolutions, and refinements to create a robust language that works across brand, marketing and product. More importantly for people, it’s an easy way to kick back, switch on and watch tv for free.

Early sketches that stretch the concept before hitting the screen.
“From rapid sprint sessions to long, deep conversations about the design, experience, we discover what the brand and system should become. It’s lots of little moments of intuition and insight that build towards something much bigger.”
Asking questions, forming opinions, working out what we love and why.
Simple, rapid sketches are enough to communicate an idea.
“Monochromatic motion exploration focusses on intent, interaction and narrative.”
Exploring how to capture multiple screens, ease and simplicity.
We did short time-based sprint to explore what the ‘Cascade’ could do.
Deep thinking on how the system adapts across the experience.
Motion, graphic and expression sketches across a digital whiteboard.