A warm welcome to Belfast for the inaugural Rapid Sessions.

Simon headed to Belfast to talk to over 300 guests at the first of the new Rapid Sessions, founded and produced by the team at Rapid Agency. The sessions are a new series of informal talk events where you can listen, learn and network with like minded people.

Stunning venue, positive vibes.

Welcome to Belfast, where the inaugural Rapid Sessions have kicked off with a bang. Our co-founder, Simon, journeyed to this vibrant city to address a crowd of over 300 guests at the first of these cutting-edge events, produced and founded by the innovative team at Rapid Agency.

The Rapid Sessions are a fresh new series of informal talk events where attendees can listen, learn and network with like-minded individuals, and we have to say that the energy at this first gathering was absolutely electric. Held at the stunning Innovation Centre at Catalyst Belfast, in a striking vaulted ceiling space, the atmosphere was charged with positivity and excitement.

Simon had the pleasure of engaging with a highly engaged and knowledgeable crowd of Belfast's creatives, and the city boasts a deep pool of talent. The discussions were thought-provoking, centring around taking creative risks, curating work and relationships, and self-determining one's career.

Simon also had the privilege of embarking on a Whisky Tour at Hinch Distillery, where he discovered the great potential of this newly developed brand and its whisky as it matures. We extend our gratitude to Kyllin Vardhan and his incredible team for their hospitality.

Of course, such a vibrant event wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and hard work of James Scullion, Kevin McCaul, Amy Rogers [a tech legend!], Kathryn McKinney, Barry Maddox, Megan Turtle, Terri Witherden, and the entire crew. Thank you all for your tremendous efforts.

We can't wait to see what the subsequent Rapid Sessions will bring and eagerly look forward to returning to Belfast for another unforgettable experience.