ITV Group: From a corporate engine to a creative powerhouse.

ITV Creative and DixonBaxi partnered to create the new logo and design system for the ITV Group, which aims to convey the positive, human and charismatic personality of the ITV Group Brand, traits that are inherent across the whole business.

Reflecting the true spirit of ITV to the outside world.

From their shows to their day-to-day interactions, ITV embodies modern Britain — it's diverse, inclusive and achingly creative. More than just a company, ITV stands as a global beacon of positivity, fostering genuine connections for all. With a business that needs to adapt to a huge range of audiences — from investors to program makers to talent — the design language required character and style to flex for a variety of contexts and moments.

Brollies ‘n’ all.

After collaborating with the in-house teams for over 12 months on ITVX and the network brands, we expanded our collaboration to include a broader group. Working with in-house teams to tell the real story we shone a light on their passions and energies. Through stakeholder interviews and co-creation sessions, together we crafted a refined brand capable of encompassing a myriad facets of their business, both present and future.

Speaking vibrantly to the many - from investors and partners, to new starters.

Crafted with inclusivity at its core, the internal initiatives at ITV Group resonate with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. From investors seeking dynamic opportunities, burgeoning development partnerships, to fresh-faced recruits; the brand welcomes all, fostering a vibrant and collaborative environment.

Brilliant content and creativity sit at the heart of everything ITV does, and the refreshed Group Brand acts as a more vibrant and contemporary embodiment of this.”
Jane Stiller, ITV Chief Marketing Officer.

Creative pride in every part of the company – from signage to swag.

The characterful typography and vibrant colour combinations serve as potent amplifiers of the diverse personality, energy, and individuality within the company — making a bold statement that is covetable, alluring, and makes you want to be a part of it.