Reflect and connect modern Britain.

Together with ITV, we have transformed ITV with a disruptively modern take on television designed to reflect and connect the brand with its audience by placing current British culture at its core. The identity includes revamped identities for five of the channels and the launch of the new streaming service ITVX. The digital-first ecosystem is a cultural destination for the UK and home to shows that have united the nation for over 60 years: from Coronation Street to Family Guy, and Love Island to The Big Match Revisited.

In a world of plusses, be an X.

Crafted to defy expectations, the ITVX identity aims to redefine ITV in the streaming landscape. Departing from the 'plus' naming norm, ITVX embraces an X, symbolising multiplication, sleekness, and boldness. This choice challenges norms, allowing flexibility and fostering collaboration. More than a logo, ITVX is a beacon of change, sparking a daring spirit that permeates the entire brand. It's not just a symbol; it's a statement, embodying potential, scale, anticipation, and entertainment. ITVX propels ITV into a dynamic realm, inviting viewers to rethink their perception of streaming.

Brimming with character.

The ITV Display Serif type family is inspired by historical British typography like William Caslon’s foundry, while ITV Display Sans is sharp and modern with a few anomalies that add character. Created in partnership with F37, the custom typeface celebrates all the voices on ITV, flexing from outrageous entertainment, to bougie glamour and dark drama. Crafted to be extremely legible at all sizes, from huge billboards to a smart TV.

Embracing eclectic.

The design principles used for the ITVX brand extends  to five of the ITV channels. By using the same framework to bring the different parts of the ecosystem to life, We ensured the services exist on the same hierarchical level, making the identity feel holistic and cohesive. The flex of the identities allows the channels to have distinct personalities by building opportunities for unique expression into the logos, colour palettes, cursors and tone of voice.

Crafted in every detail.

Every element is crafted to work seamlessly together. From the colour palette, curated to reflect the unique personalities within ITV, to the motion theory that amplifies and sparks every story, guiding people through ITVX and the channels. Digital guidelines brings it all together into one ever-evolving destination.

United the nation.

The new, unified brand moves ITV from a siloed model to one that is seamless and immersive. With ITVX as the connective tissue across the brand ecosystem, the new streaming service is at once the harbinger of all things ITV and the network’s future in an increasingly digital sector. The brands work together to allow for cross promotion, pulling viewers into a refreshed world of broadcast from ITVX and vice versa, but affirming the streaming-first digital destination with shared visual threads that always lead back to X.