Reimagining the future brand experience for Everton FC.

One of the founding clubs of English football, Everton’s heritage of football excellence, passion and community engagement has been pushing the sport forward for more than 140 years. We helped Everton create a brand system born of their history, that unites a global fanbase with revolutionary values and transforms the Blues into a club that’s digital-first.

Elite, not elitist.

Everton has always led by example. Their new visual identity is built on the club’s deep morality: a bold, unapologetic system of expression that gives a fresh voice to a legacy worth taking part in.

The Tower: honouring legacy, heralding what’s next.

From the heart of the Everton crest, we transformed Prince Rupert’s Tower into an iconic visual signature. A powerfully simple silhouette that stands for everything Everton, The Tower coexists with the crest and amplifies its significance on a global scale.

The Tower imbues the brand with energy.

It’s a badge of honour with a range of applications that creates a sense of forward momentum across the brand.

Bringing style and swagger to the club through motion.

The brand owns an aesthetic that feels premium and aspirational, yet democratic and of the people, delivering excellence to those who deserve it.

Words that come across loud and clear.

Rupert Condensed is a custom font created using the angles of The Tower. It’s bold, striking and full of attitude. Paired with Canela, the typographic system achieves balance between uncompromising historic character and a bold new take on impact.

A voice for and of the fans.

We developed a tone of voice that captures the spirit of real football fans and delivers perspective the Everton way. It’s a written identity that enables the club to capture and create spirited moments in their narrative.

The fabric of Everton.

Curated patterns add luxe detail to environments and objects, stitching The Tower and all that it stands for into the fabric of the club and the lives of fans around the world.

Everywhere is Everton.

An intricate digital strategy that’s at once led by the club and the world, allows Everton to create a sense of community without borders. More than a mantra, “Everywhere is Everton” celebrates the club’s heritage without tying it to one location, speaking directly to fans no matter where they are.