Our ethos. Distilled.

Essentials comprises three books that distill and encapsulate the fundamental ideas guiding our actions and approach. The first book delves into our ethos, exploring foundational beliefs, values, and principles. The second, titled 'Journeys,' outlines career development across all roles in the studio, offering advice and insights. The third book, 'Promise,' details our tangible and intangible benefits, rituals, and initiatives. Together, these books form a cohesive expression of DixonBaxi for our team, new members, partners, and clients, while also establishing the groundwork for what lies ahead.

We collaborated with photographers Stefania Zanetti & Matteo Bellomo to bring the essence of Essentials to life, seamlessly integrating them into our everyday moments.”

Libby Tsoi, Senior Designer, DixonBaxi

Everyday essential.

From our principles to our one team approach, the books reflect and are part of our everyday habits and behaviours.

Passion for great work is not just a personal indulgence but a strategic career choice. When you immerse yourself in a creative approach that genuinely ignites your passion, you produce better work and become a magnet for opportunities. Your enthusiasm becomes infectious, drawing in great clients, fostering growth, and propelling you forward in your career journey.

We approached the shoot in a more unexpected way, using an editorial and campaign mindset. Most of all, we had fun! And we feel this really comes across in the final images.”

Agata Walas-Popiel, Designer, DixonBaxi