A new vision for the future of life, science and technology for British Land.

A pivotal moment for British Land, ushering in an innovation-focused future. We designed an emotive, visually immersive system for Life Science and Technology that challenges industry norms, positioning the company as a progressive developer.

At the forefront of design and technology.

We worked to shape the future of their London campuses; emphasising workspace, services, and support for global change-makers in science and technology. We drew inspiration from the beauty of macro photography in cellular structures, genetic engineering, and nature. The result? A departure from the clinical corporate norm, creating a highly distinct brand.

This brand marks a pivotal moment for British Land, signalling a notable shift towards an innovation-driven future.”

Emma Collings, Head of Marketing, British Land

Challenging the norms of the industry.

The new style of imagery fuses nature, design and pure imagination with AI, allowing British Land to generate their own visuals far into the future. Each image begins with AI, then it’s manipulated, edited and remixed into something that evolves over time. The style smashes industry standards in favour of hyperrealism infused with British Land’s colour palette.

Bold, confident – igniting imagination.

The messaging approach goes beyond square feet and table-stakes building features, directly speaking to the impact of partnering with British Land. These aren’t just purpose-built spaces, but destinations designed to foster growth at the speed of innovation. Colour and typography are rooted on the British Land brand while feeling modern and confident with simple, bold and direct copy.

Building on the equity of British Land.

We pushed British Land’s iconic symbol to reflect the Science + Technology ambition. Britannia absorbs its surroundings to take on the qualities of its environment, pushing beyond her form. The result is a subtle yet iconic shift for British Land, embodying their spirit of innovation for all.

The fusion of AI, 3D, tactile typography, and striking graphic elements results in a system that is not only beautiful but also future ready.”

Hollie Sanderson, Designer, DixonBaxi