Placemaking gets personal with a progressive brand for British Land.

We partnered with British Land on a milestone rebrand that reflects the company’s evolution as community architects. Backed by a 166-year legacy in property development and investment, the current era of British Land is built around the harmony between people and places, focusing on responsible, sustainable and inclusive environments where people thrive.

Making a difference for investors to partners and office to retail and beyond.

Inspired by British Land’s values and sense of purpose, DixonBaxi re-energised their brand for deeper resonance and relatability. We refined the brand strategy, simplified portfolio architecture and created a fresh, progressive identity that speaks to the human ambition and innovation guiding the company’s next chapter.

As our lead brand agency, DixonBaxi evolved the brand to better reflect British Land’s strategy. We now consistently highlight the diversity and vibrancy of our places, maintaining quality and attracting wider audiences.”

Katie Mansfield, Marketing Director, British Land

Giving Britannia
new meaning.

While retaining the British Land logo with its equality baked in – DixonBaxi refined the icon to be a simpler, modern form of Britannia – unadorned by the Union Jack motif – to create an emblematic and stylish graphic motif. One that feels more open, adaptable and elegant.

Stories worth telling.

The design system weaves beautiful imagery, a rich, natural palette, and a balanced type system in striking layered compositions. The result is a depth and rhythm given to the stories the brand frames, offering glimpses into life across British Land and imbuing every application with measured clarity and confidence.

Embodying heritage. Driving ambition.

Pairing a serif ‘ABC Arizona’ and sans serif ‘Gotham’ together allows for the juxtaposition of craft and reliability, modernity and refinement. Dual typefaces give voice to British Land’s personality and can emphasise insights and data or represent dialogue and new perspectives. The typographic and messaging system feels choreographed and has a sense of constant movement and progression.

Inspired by people
and places.

The colour palette is bold and bright and is anchored in British Land’s history. The core palette is inspired by British icons, from Poppy Red to British Land’s own shade of teal blue. These are paired with a beautifully tactile and warm range of secondary hues inspired by different environments across British Land campuses.

Bringing warmth, simplicity, and modernity to the British Land brand was a fine balance. Too far, and it could lose its trusted qualities. Not far enough, and it wouldn’t capture the brands agility or bold ambitions.”

Karun Agimal, Design Director, DixonBaxi