From transactional to emotional.

Facing mounting podcast competition, our aim was to bolster loyalty among new Audible members. This brand refresh was born out of an ambitious initiative to reimagine the first 60 days of Audible membership. The goal was to reposition Audible from an audiobook distributor to a content entertainment experience and to shift from a transactional nature to an emotional one. Forging deeper connections, empowering members to explore diverse voices and broaden their horizons.

two posters pink and black

The delight in knowing.

Starting by freshly articulating the value proposition and brand promise that “Audible helps you change the way you see yourself and the world”, we developed a narrative that centred around the customer’s “delight in knowing” and a brand voice built from three distinct character traits. Partnering closely with the in-house design team, we brought this to life with a visual language rooted in the identity called ‘The Reveal’. The system expresses the delight and transformation coming from uncovering new knowledge. This robust set of tools allowed us to tell a consistent visual story across touchpoints, from small moments in the app to larger campaigns, establishing customer trust and building brand equity.

Building delight into every step of the listener’s journey.

‘The Reveal’ anchors our new brand system, embodying the joy of discovering fresh insights and symbolizing Audible's expansion beyond audiobooks. Rooted in the Audible logo, it's versatile, revealing new narratives, promoting membership perks, and enhancing UI depth across platforms.

Drawing in more listeners, sign-ups and retaining loyalty

  • The redesign of the acquisition conversion page on Amazon saw an increase of 34.9K trials/year.
  • CRM emails saw an incremental revenue increase of 15% with creative alone.
  • Drove global alignment, operational efficiency and consistency.
  • Onboarding revamp communications saw a 10% decrease in cancellations.