A new era for AC Milan that goes beyond football and borders.

AC Milan’s glorious history stretches back almost 120 years. We were challenged with creating the next chapter. Inspired by this illustrious past but focused on future glory, we designed an AC Milan for a new, diverse generation of proud Rossoneri.

Amplifying the club’s historic values.

Inspired by the illustrious heritage but focused on future glory, we have designed an AC Milan for a new, diverse generation of proud Rosseneri, building a new identity based upon Milan’s core values of teamwork, excellence, passion and elegance.

A unifying strategy capturing 120 years of history.

‘Milan to Many’ – a manifesto that embodies the club values and encapsulates the spirit of the club. This is rationalised into one line and new purpose: Sempre Milan, evoking the values and reinforcing the Italian heritage. It is the unifying rallying cry for proud Rosseneri to get behind – no matter where they are in the world.

DixonBaxi have been able to take the energy and heritage that we are very proud of, and develop a concept that engages our 450m supporters worldwide.”

Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan, Chief Revenue Officer.

Giving new meaning to the badge.

The identity celebrates the club’s iconic badge as a symbol of unity – a beating heart that connects millions. Fans and footballing gods have been kissing the club’s famous badge for a century. Respecting this heritage, we left the design untouched and used the iconic oval shape to tell powerful stories. Equally at home online, in the San Siro or plastered across the city, the consistent graphic language gives the club a strong voice to connect with fans.

Motion echoes the heartbeat of Milan.

The brand’s new design language takes cues from fashion, lifestyle and Italian culture. A rich, attitude driven motion and typographic system gives voice to the spirit of AC Milan, and art direction creates a more immediate and accessible feel.

A dynamic new typeface inspired by the shared heartbeat of fans.

We partnered with type designer Elliott Amblard to develop and craft ‘Milan Pulse Inline’ – a bespoke display typeface for AC Milan. Taking cues from fashion, lifestyle brands and Italian culture, we created a bold yet elegant typographic system. Instantly recognisable, it captures the passion Milan fans have for their club.

The iconic San Siro stadium like never before.

Bringing the brand to life in one of Europe’s great football cathedrals for over 75,000 fans. From player tunnels to fan entrances, private lounges to team changing rooms, every part of the stadium is transformed for every game, overnight!

Inspiring millions of fans globally.

From a new media and entertainment studio to social platforms that reveal stories of the legends as much as the current season, we've developed an identity system and experience that goes beyond the club, empowering the in-house team to spotlight every moment.

This isn’t a game.
It’s a way of life.

Moving beyond football to create an AC Milan for a new, diverse generation of proud Rossoneri.